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Everyday Grime Interviews: Jay3

Sep 26, 2018 by Mxrtlxck - 0 Comments

London’s Jay3 has been making waves in the grime scene for the last couple of years, featuring on nearly every media channel possible in the process. F**k The World Freestyle shows us Jay3 at the top of his game delivering the hardest flows with very real lyricism. Everyday Grime have been supporting Jay3 for a number of years and recently caught up with him following up from his latest freestyle video.

EDG: Many of your fans will know your history, living on the streets, in a caravan, mental health issues and family life. Alot of people would of just broken down and given up, what kept your drive going to get where you are now?

Jay3: What kept me going is remembering how much my life hurt me and writing about it instead of giving up – it helps me to cope with deep emotions.
Also wanting to prove people wrong, when I first started and even now, people doubt me or make fun of the fact I do music so it drives me to do it even more.

Also seeing whats happening in the world makes me write the type of stuff I do.. I’m a very sensitive person so alot of stuff happening right now affects me alot.

EDG: Is there a specific event in your life that you can pin point where Josh became Jay 3?

Jay3: I would say I really became Jay3 when I had already been through the worst part of my life and survived it, it gave me belief that I am strong and I can do this.
I became Jay3 when I could see people believing in my music, people like Westy giving me opportunities to get involved in the type of things other big artists do such as perform at Reading and Nass festival.
That is when I became Jay3.

EDG: Do you think you would still of taken music as seriously if you had a different lifestyle growing up?

Jay3: No I doubt I would of had this much passion if I didnt live the life I had to live. My passion comes from being severely angry and feeling pain so them emotions are 99% of the motovation behind my music.

EDG: For anybody that struggles with mental health issues, what would your words of advice be?

Jay3: My advice for anyone with mental health is not to hide it or try and brush it under the carpet.
You need to learn the characteristics of your mental health issue and use it to your advantage or put a positive spin on it.
For instance, I have a personality disorder and for years I struggled to cope with it until recently when I learned that this is me, this is who I am and I can live with it.
Also understand there are ways of releasing pain by talking, writing poems, drawing ect. You’ll find many talented creative people suffer from mental health issues, even the bigger more famous people.

EDG: OK, we know your not scared of a little controversy so lets switch it up a bit. Who’s the biggest waste man in the grime scene?

Jay3: Its hard to name the biggest wasteman in the grime scene, there’s more than one.. Lol

EDG: On the flipside who is the safest guy you’ve met in the scene?

Jay3: Its hard to name just one safest guy I’ve met but I’d say 3 of the safest MC’s I’ve met are Eyez, Dubzy and P Solja and DJ’s Big Mikee, Westy and Frampster.

EDG: You recently dropped F**k The World Freestyle over on your YouTube channel, should we be keeping our eyes open for anything else dropping soon?

Jay3: Yes, I have a new ep called Cold Blooded dropping end of 2018 along with many other video and single projects!

EDG: If you could pick one producer to work with on a mixtape or album, who would you pick and why?

Jay3: One producer to work with ? Hmm id say it would be a hard choice between Westy, Ambler and S-X.

EDG: Big up for your time bro, looking forward to hearing the EP! Any last words or shout outs?

Jay3: Shout out to everyone listening and supporting my music, I love you all!

Twitter @Jay3musicUK
YouTube @Jay3musicUK